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The Depot Sales Project Delivered, in phases 1) Depot Sales Import 2) Stock Transfer from Plant to Depot 3) Stock Transfer from Depot to Depot 4) Stock Transfer from Depot to Plant 5) Domestic Purchase to Depot and 6) Tailored Solution for Profitability Analysis is functioning well to the satisfaction of our colleagues. The Project execution methodology and the efforts put by your team in understanding the custom requirements of each plant and the meticulous testing processes has left with an ever lasting impression on Eminentlabs™.

- Director, GM-IT, Sr.Manager Finance, Continental Automotive

The Results of SAP delivery, for our asset retirement and re-upload project in phases was found to be good. All the five phases have been well executed. We appreciate the expertise on the subject matter and team members efforts for their timely & continuos support provided.

- Manager Finance, Continental Automotive

The delivery by your Company, for updation of Purchase Order Condition & MIRO transaction in the existing SAP system at our organisation is functioning well in Logistics department, resulting in reduction of the cycle time from 60 – 90 minutes to just 2 - 3 minutes time. We appreciate your team members for the efforts and timely support in this regard.

- DGM-IT, Continental Automotive

I am very happy, to inform you that SAP resources provided by your organization is exceptionally good in technical as well as soft skills.

- HR Manager, Capgemini Consulting

Eminentlabs™ Software Private Limited

Mission, At Eminentlabs™ we create substantial value for our customers by incubating and growing, successful, world-class Global Delivery Centers that deliver high quality, high impact implementation and services

Vision, Our vision is to provide value based onshore-offshore solutions to improve customers’ bottom-line upto 36% and thereby increase clients shareholder value

Values, We attract the most talented people in the world who revolutionize the development and delivery of enterprise-transforming business applications.

About Us, Our singular focus is building world-class ADC and ASC using eTracker™ and eOutsource™

ERPDS™ eTracker™ eOutsource™
  • 100 % SAP Focused
  • EPTS* enabled
  • Value Outsourcing
  • Service Innovations
  • Built on EWE™
  • Built on EWE™
  • Managed by TF BPEs
  • Simplified CRM
  • Optimizes your ODC
  • Collaborative Delivery
  • Decision Aiding APM
  • Easy Integration
  • Workflow - eTracker™
  • Integrated TQM
  • Reduced TCO
  • Value Driven ERM
      * Patent Pending  
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